Interpreting Dreams: How a Plane Crash Reveals Your Strength

Several people on TikTok shared similar dreams with me in a short period of time. The dreams all had a common theme and scenario. The dreamer was in their house, looking out the window, and saw a plane crash. Where it crashed was different in each dream – either into the house, or the front yard, or down the street. And how people reacted was different too. Here’s a broad interpretation for dreams about planes crashing.

In dream interpretation, flying is often associated with having a positive vision for the future. It’s about having a lot of enthusiasm and “UP” energy. Your house in a dream represents your SELF. The fact that you were looking out the window of your house in the dream indicates that you are currently in a place of self-reflection, contemplating your future and what you want to achieve.

However, the plane crash in your dream suggests that someone else is interrupting your positive vision for the future. This person’s negative behavior is affecting you and causing you to feel strong negative emotions like disappointment or frustration, maybe even fear or hurt.

Since the plane crashed into the yard suggests that this negative behaviour is impacting you on a deeply personal level. You may feel like your sense of self is being threatened, or that your hopes and aspirations are being derailed. An example of this would be if your employer has a different vision of the future than you do. If the company decides to “go in a new direction” it could feel like a plane crash into your Self.

However, the fact that you ran out to help in the dream indicates that you are ready and willing to confront this challenge. You are not one to sit idly by while your positive vision for the future is being threatened. You are prepared to work through the negative emotions and come out stronger on the other side.


To solve this dream, reflect on what are some of your most important life goals right now. Where do you see your Self in a year? Or 5 years? When you imagine your Self living your best life in 5 years what comes to mind when you ask your Self who or what stops you from going for that vision. When you figure out who or what is stopping you then you’ll see what you need to do in real life to remove the obstacle and go for your goals.

The skill a dream like this is calling you to develop is the ability to hold a positive vision of your future for a long time. When you can do this, you will have a lot of strength and empowerment and you will achieve your goals.

Overall, this dream is showing you that you are capable of facing the challenge of someone else’s negative behavior and still achieving your positive vision for the future. It may require some emotional work and introspection, but you are up to the task. Remember to focus on the positive and keep moving forward.

If this was helpful consider reading more about “Unlocking the Power of Your Dreams” in the newly released Dreamer’s Toolkit for Self-Discovery.

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